Frequently asked questions


How often do you clean my windows?

Most of our customers opt for a standard 4 weekly clean which results show is regular enough to keep the shine on the glass but we also offer an 8 and 12 weekly clean. Any frequency longer than 12 weeks would render the windows dirty enough to be considered a first clean and as a result you will be charged the “12 weekly” rate for the first re-clean.

How much does it cost?

We keep our prices as affordable and competitive as possible but every house is different. We take several factors into consideration when quoting i.e location, accessibility, property size, and the number / size of windows are just a few . For an accurate quotation, just give us a call, text or email and we can arrange a visit. Alternatively, you can email photographs of the property and we can often provide a quotation based upon that.

What is Pure Water window cleaning?

Regular tap water is forced under high pressure through a series of pre-filters which remove sediment and chlorine before it forces water through a semipermeable membrane to remove dissolved solids leaving around 95% to 99% of dissolved salts to be rejected back to the sewer. Once the almost pure water leaves the reverse osmosis system it is then filtered through a series of de-ionization vessels to polish it off which creates laboratory grade H2O. As there are no impurities in the super-purified water it does not leave a mark on the windows. A soft-bristle brush is used to agitate and remove the dirt and is then followed by a rinse of pure water to leave the glass spot free.

What are the benefits of Pure Water Cleaning?

environmental benefits: As no chemicals are used in the cleaning, this method is extremely environmentally friendly.

Your privacy: Because we use telescopic poles to reach your windows and no ladders are used, your privacy is maintained.

Cosmetic benefits: The frames and sills are also cleaned using this method so your windows are left noticeably clean.

Safe and damage free: Windows previously inaccessible by ladder, such as above conservatories can be reached with ease using telescopic pole so the days of the window cleaner risking his life and potentially causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to your property are thankfully long gone. You can also be assured that Rees and Daughters window cleaning is investing in the latest technology to ensure the highest quality service possible.

How do you clean windows?

Most windows are cleaned using a Pure Water System. However some customers choose not too have them cleaned this way and so as a last resort we offer a traditional cleaning method too. Specialist detergents and rinsing agents are applied to the window and then removed by squeegee before drying off with a specialist microfiber cloth designed for glass. We always clean frames, sills and doors as standard.

Why don't you dry the windows?

When windows have been cleaned with pure water, the water contains no impurities so any water droplets left on the glass will dry completely spot free. Drying time is weather dependent, but on average they will usually be completely dry within 30 minutes.

Do you give an exact day/time that you will clean my windows?

It is not always possible to clean to an exact schedule as external factors such as bad weather, traffic and staffing can effect the business. We do however always send a reminder text the previous day and if we know you are leaving a gate open for access, we will do our best to clean your windows that day. If we unable to do so for any reason, we will endeavor too text as soon as possible.

Do you work in the rain?

Cleaning using the traditional method, i.e. ladders and squeegee, would of course be hazardous in rain and wind. However, in all but extreme conditions, windows can be cleaned using the pure water system as ladders are not used and windows are cleaned just as effectively even if it is raining. However water fed pole isn't without it's own disadvantages, high winds and electrical storms present a danger to the user and the public and therefore we are also unable to work in these conditions.

Do you clean frames, sills and doors?

We always clean frames, sills and doors as standard without exception as part of the window clean. Some window cleaners may exclude these or charge extra to clean them. We include cleaning frames, sills and doors within the price we quote.

Do you provide a one-off clean?

We do, however only during a limited period of the year (Usually between October - March). Unfortunately, during our busy periods (April - September) we cannot allocate the time.

What other services do you offer?

In addition to window cleaning, we offer gutter cleaning, soffit and fascia cleaning, uPVC restoration, conservatory and conservatory roof cleaning, pressure washing and solar panel cleaning.

Do I need to be in for you to clean my windows?

No, provided all sides of the property can be safely accessed then there is no need for you to be home when we call. If rear access is restricted by a gate or garage door, for example, we always text the previous day as a reminder for you to leave a means of access. Where possible, we will always lock up behind us and this can be discussed before hand.

I don't have access to the rear, how will you overcome this?

Unfortunately if access to the rear isn't available unless through the house or you're not comfortable with leaving a gate unlocked for access then we can only offer a front/side service and this will be charged at our base rate or 75% of a full clean whichever is higher.

Do you clean in the winter?

Yes! We clean all year round in all but the most adverse weather conditions . It is important to maintain a year round clean as windows often get dirtier in winter time.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No. Although upon taking up our services you are bound by our terms and conditions and ask that you read them carefully.


How do I pay you?

Most customers pay on-line using their internet banking service (BACS) or through our card payment option in your invoice. This is the preferred form of payment and details can be found on the payment page (Please note, this requires you to register as sensitive data is displayed). We also accept cheque, card, contactless and cash on the day. We don't collect in the evening so if cash is your preferred method please ensure if no one will be at home, that a safe place is arranged prior to our arrival.

Are you insured?

We hold a £3,000,000 Public Liability Insurance policy.


What if I am not happy with the clean?

In the unlikely event that we don't meet your expectations, it is really important for us to know as soon as possible so that we can firstly rectify it and then investigate the cause so that, should we need to make adjustments to a specific window in the future, we are aware and not making the same mistake over and over. Once we have received a complaint we endeavor to rectify this free of charge within 24 hours. To qualify for a free re-clean however, a complaint must be raised within 48hrs of our visit.

On rare occasions, our initial clean with Pure Water will remove soap or other residue from frames or rubber left behind from previous traditional cleans which some time later may leach onto the glass. We are more than happy to return to clean windows where leaching has occurred in this way.

In some instances windows may need additional treatment to clean them for example, paint spatters, silicone or excessive staining but we will advise in advance should this be the case as additional costs may be charged.

If we have missed any question from this list, then please get in touch and we will do our best to answer your question.